Lynn Salsi

Lynn Salsi is a writer, teacher, playwright, speaker, and storyteller. She has a passion for history, folklore, Southern topics, and interviewing people who are eye-witnesses to history. She brings a unique point-of-view to every presentation. 

Lynn presents programs for kindergarten through adult by bringing her award-winning books to life through storytelling and workshop formats. She also presents writing workshops for students and teachers. 

Her programs are varied and fit main stage venues as well as a single classroom. Story drama is a speciality and includes audience participation, music, and storytelling. Her passion for storytelling is outstanding as she bring her books to life. 

Sample Storytelling Programs:

Jack Tales – Program for children and adults can be adapted for appropriate age groups and for various time-limits

History of North Carolina in 45 Minutes – Humorous, yet factual, program for groups middle school and above

Appalachian Story Quilt – Includes story after story about how Appalachian people settled and lived from 1776 – 1960

Stories include Daniel Boone, the Hicks family who saved the Jack tales, the Great Depression, and post World-War II, when modern times reached the mountains. Best for eighth grade and over, but can be tailored for grades four – eight when based on the book Young Ray Hicks Learns the Jack Tales.

Tales of the Coast – Full of anecdotal and well-researched history of the Outer Banks with a focus on Carteret County (Ocracoke, Hatteras, and Portsmouth Island)

Awards and Honors

Lynn's books have been honored with the following awards:

  • Mom's Choice Award
  • Winner, American Library Association Notable Book Award
  • North Carolina Historian of the Year – 2001
  • Eight-time winner, Willie Parker Peace History book award
  • Three-time winner, Paul Green Multi-media award for storytelling
  • Winner, Bill Lee Magazine Writing Award
  • Recipient, Central Piedmont Regional Artists Grant
  • Member, North Carolina Humanities Council Speakers Forum
  • Great Southeastern Book Festival
  • Pulitzer nominee


  • Jack and the Giants Multi-headed giants prevent Jack from earning his fortune. He cleverly out-wits the giant family. Salsi is a well-known interpreter of American folklore and  tells the story with magical twists and turns. Note to teachers: This book fits core curriculum for tall tales, folklore, myth. It is used in schools with emphasis on Appalachian history, state history, and history of America's first settlers from Europe, especially the British Isles and Germany. New Release...2013 Winner Mom's Choice Award Finalist - Great Southeastern Book Festival Publisher: Headline Books ISBN-13: 978-0-938467-52-6 (9780938467526) ISBN: 0-938467-52-2 (0938467522) Purchase this Book from Amazon Lynn Discusses Jack Tales While Highlighting Jack and the Giants Jack ...
    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 4:05 PM by David Burkhart
  • Appalachian Jack Tales Told by Hicks, Ward, and Harmon Families Soft Cover only...available through publisher, all book sellers, and wholesale through publisher and major distributors. This collection of Old Beech Mountain Jack Tales are a vital part of America's oral history. The stories represent the oldest folklore brought in the minds of the first Appalachian settlers. The eleven tales represent part of the collection told by the three original families who settled on the Watauga River in the Revolutionary War period while America was only thirteen colonies. Jack is the star of every story. He is the trickster of adventures in a series of tales influences by settlers mostly from the British Isles and Germany. In this collection, he faces giants ...
    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 4:04 PM by David Burkhart
  • Jack and the Dragon Retelling stories is part of ancient tradition brought to America by the first settlers. Jack rushes off to confront a Dragon that shows up uninvited. Using magic and critical thinking, Jack has to figure out how to best the beast. The story focuses on Jack's relationship with his bossy brothers. Young readers learn how Jack overcomes the Dragon and bullying. Note to teachers, parents, and librarians: This book is widely used in classes as a story example about sibling rivalry and bullying. Also, fits core curriculum for folktales, storytelling, myth, and tall tales. Publisher: Headline Books ISBN-13: 978-0-9820873-2-9 (9780982087329) ISBN: 0-9820873-2-2 (0982087322) Purchase this Book from Amazon
    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 4:01 PM by David Burkhart
  • Oral History: A Family’s Legacy Everyone who knows me knows I’m big on oral history. I like to hear people talk about their families, and I enjoy writing down what they say. Just today, a lady shared her experience as an eight year old student. A sudden hail storm came up when she was having class in a one room wooden schoolhouse. The wind was so strong, it blew the structure off its foundation and the school landed on the front door trapping the children inside. While hail pummeled, the sky was as dark as night and everything became chaotic. It was a fascinating story of survival by a young female teacher about seventeen years old and her twenty-two pupils.  Personal histories are ...
    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 4:16 PM by David Burkhart
  • The Life and Times of Ray Hicks Keeper of the Jack Tales Two reviewers have declared this book the Appalachian Angela's Ashes. When measured by angst, struggle and "being up again it," I can see that the story has a full degree of amazement. Many readers will feel empathy for the family that struggled against nature and will feel joy for their survival. Friends say, "The University of Tennessee Press has done a stellar job on the design and editing." What a story it is! Ray Hicks, known as the last living traditional Jack tale teller in North America, lived his life within the stories passed down through generations of ancestors who settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the latter decades of the 1700s. No ...
    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 4:32 PM by David Burkhart
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