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Author Visit

An Author Visit is the ultimate communication between students and the written word. Lynn’s visits motivate students to read, write, and discover word play. It helps with vocabulary building, speaking, reading comprehension, and understanding how books and stories are written. 

Programs in Schools

Lynn Salsi writes picture books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, and non-fiction for adults and children. She enjoys talking about writing and reading and sharing stories from one of her twenty books. She presents grade-level programs on reading, writing, storytelling, and the process of book publishing for elementary, middle, and high school students. Other specialties include  autobiography, memoir, and biography based on her experiences as a biographer and an oral historian.  

School and library presentations may include large assembly programs, readings, storytelling sessions, and writing workshops. For schools with storytelling programs for students, Lynn will be happy to lead an olio with students and teachers. 


Lynn speaks regularly at conferences of teachers, librarians, and writers. She is available as a key-note speaker. She also conducts reading/writing workshops and break-out sessions. She presents professional development for teachers, including writing, energizing writing, storytelling, and examining the use of myth in modern-day novels.
Working in Tandem with a Family Library Program


Multi-media Program

Lynn Salsi and illustrator, James Young, present a fast-paced multi-media program for elementary grades, including illustrating, writing, storytelling, music, and book-making that can  reach every student in the school. When booked together, they offer a slight discount (less than doubling the day rate.) Although if they are arriving from different areas of the state, their expenses may be billed separately. Whenever possible, they share mileage expenses within North Carolina.   

Their day-long program involves multiple sessions, including storytelling, art, and music main stage program and a book signing. In the afternoon, James covers two or three books he has written and illustrated that are appropriate for grades K, 1, and 2. Lynn’s afternoon sessions are for grades 3, 4, and 5. This equals a total of two main stage morning shows and a total of four sessions. This number is negotiable with the program planner, as every school has various facility requirements as well as a focus on afternoon dismissal times.    

Travel arrangements will be made by Lynn Salsi and the venue will be notified of the total amount prior to confirming the booking. Travel fees are payable in advance. Schools are invited to co-op expenses by booking the authors over a two or three day period.

School Programs

Elementary Schools - Suggested Afternoon Programs (main stage in the morning)

  • Creation of the book…from an idea to a book
  • For grades 1 and 2 - focus on finding stories and deciding how to begin creating a new story.
  • For grades 3 - examination of characters using Appalachian Jack Tales
  • For grades 4 and 5 - how to create scenes with two characters, including visualizing the setting. (5th graders are asked to participate in a writing exercise.)
  • For grades 4 and 5 - Presentation on revision –  The Importance of Planning Ahead to Write Draft After Draft - Reshaping Text
  • For grades 3 through 5 - Reader’s Theater - Drama in the Classroom - Lynn furnishes scripts 

Middle School and High School

  • Large group 50-minute programs involve an audio-visual presentation with a reading and Q. and A. Topics range from examining autobiography, memoir, North Carolina History in 50 minutes and the History of the Jack Tales, America's Oldest Folklore..
    Note: Workshops for students 6th grade and over may last more than one class period if writing exercises and/or a question and answer periods are included.
  • Crafting a Book...or...Crafting a Short Story – focus on process
  • Becoming a Writer (uses audio-visual)
    Uses question and answer. - May be presented in workshop or lecture format.
  • Story writing - The Power of a Good Story – Includes thinking in story, finding stories, putting stories into books. May be presented in lecture format or workshop format (including in-class writing exercises.
  • Workshop - The Power of Words
  • How Myths Fire the Imagination in Modern Day Fiction
  • Reader’s Theater works well with grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (requires prior planning...scripts are furnished at no extra charge)
  • For grades 11, 12 and adults: Lynn de-constructs her young adult novel, Firefight, showing students how the novel was written. This includes verb choice, action scenes, and literary allusion. Participants need to be familiar with the novel. Copies may be ordered at a discount by contacting www.lynnsalsi.com or cathy@headlinebooks.com  

Fees: Contact Lynn Salsi for exact fees:
Full day Author in Schools begins at $850 per day within 60 mile radius driving distance of the author’s location. Programs begin at 8:30 a.m. (or later) and end with the normal school day. Additional readings, lectures, workshops or other appearances on the same day, but in late afternoon or evening, additional fee. Program planners are responsible for travel, lodging, and food. For venues farther than 60 miles but still within driving distance, add $200.00. Lynn is available for presentations throughout the United States and some foreign countries. Call to discuss travel arrangements outside of a 300 mile radius. She spends part of the year in Atlanta, Georgia area; therefore, venues in that area should enquire about her schedule and the possibility of receiving reduced rates.           
One day visits include:
  • 3— 50 minute assemblies (Staged for two or three grades per group. Content tailored for each age.) These are main stage presentations with audience participation and storytelling. May have music (depending on the program).
  • 2— 45 minute small group grade-level workshops (after lunch) are designed to inspire imagination and creativity. These may include a book talk, a reading, or reader’s theater (grades 4 and 5 only), poetry writing (to inspire imagination and creativity). (Double the number of small group presentations if Lynn Salsi and James Young  appear on the same day at the same school.)
Conference Speeches:
  • Depends on travel distance. Enquire about publisher sponsorships.       
Special Notes and Things to Consider
When booking school visits, hosts should review their goals for programs and analyze whether the entire school student body will take part, or if the program will be directed toward one or two grades (i.e. specific history or English classes).

Students who are familiar with Lynn’s books prior to the event gain the most from the visit.  
Book Signings are part of each author day. Schools are requested to notify students that books will be available for sale on the day of the author presentation. Order sheets will be made available. Schools that take advanced orders will receive a 20% rebate off the total of all books sold at publisher's retail price. Contact Lynn Salsi - for information on ordering books.

Since presentations may include main-stage events, workshops, readings, storytelling, examination of history/culture/traditions, all day presentations may also be tailor-made for small groups, large groups, interactive or multi-media.
Host schools receive study guides as soon as Author Day's are booked, giving teachers an opportunity to review prior to Author Day.
Special Classroom Opportunities
For a modest fee, Lynn is willing to conduct conference calls with educators and answer questions online with students. These media programs are limited by the days when she is not on the road doing live presentations and booked on a first come basis. She is available to classes via SKYPE to answer questions one-on-one from students or teachers involved in professional development. Please contact Lynn and let her know the focus of your class.
Lynn Salsi at www.lynnsalsi.com