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posted Aug 24, 2012, 2:21 PM by David Burkhart   [ updated Aug 24, 2012, 2:21 PM ]
All writing needs carefully constructed transition. Transition is the connection between paragraphs that gives the piece flow and makes it a pleasant read.

Hint for better transition: Be sure that the chronology of each paragraph is correct. Some writers let their flow of consciousness define their finished writing. They don't go back and analyze the sense within each paragraph and revise the order of the sentences. Sometimes, better order can be created after an author reads their writing aloud. 

There is nothing about writing that is effortless. At the least, it requires concentration and attention to detail. Having the correct order of sentences within a paragraph leads to ease in constructing transition. Failing to make writing clear and organized makes it nearly impossible to create transition. 

Paragraphs have certain boundaries. That is, they help develop ideas. Yet, one paragraph has to lead to another. If, when reading aloud, the text seems choppy (or confusing) first check to see if adding another sentence to the paragraph above or subtracting words (making the sentence more concise) or a sentence would help create a smoother read. 

These are additional hints to create better transition, include how to find problem places within the text:
  • Analyzing each paragraph as a separate writing, making sure that multiple subjects are not covered in one.
  • Circle all verbs; then analyze things. Is the tense consistent? Is active voice used?
  • Are the sentences clear. Ask a critique partner to read and respond.
  • Sometimes there is a lack of detail. The addition of which will not only add to the work, but will create a smoother read. 
  • Read the entire paper and make sure nothing sticks out as being awkward.